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Our first course is geared towards children who have very little to no experience on an off-road bike, whether electric or petrol. It's an activity to make a day for the whole family.

We start and stay in a field and focus on:
• Getting comfortable with the bike
• Using a twist style throttle for the first time
• Pulling away and stopping in a straight line
• Turning gentle corners


Once the children have completed the beginner’s course, we can start to spend more time teaching them in depth techniques and the reasoning behind them.

We want the children to understand how they can have an effect on the bike’s movements using their body, and what benefits it has.

We will construct exercises to practice;
• Cornering body positions
• Using both brakes and when is best to use them
• Riding small obstacles
• Riding off-camber
• Different terrain and how weather has an effect


For children who have already had experience on a bike, this session is aimed at building their skills to progress further.

This courses focus is on keeping them comfortable whilst;
• Using the throttle and brakes
• Introduce handling the machine on a closed course to incorporate vision and balance.
• Correct standing and sitting body positions


The highest level of our course’s. Once the children have progressed through our other courses, we go into even more depth with more difficult riding techniques including;
• Steeper and more technically difficult climbs
• Riding increasingly difficult obstacles
• Preload
• Heavy braking and locking the wheels

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Full Course Booking

Each course is 2 ½ hours long and includes a break in the middle, with time for a drink and a snack. We will have a collection of fruit and snack bars, water and juice, along with tea and coffee for any parents and guardians. View our Bikes and Kits page to view the full list of equipment available on the day!

Each session will cost £75 with our bike and kit hire.
Each session will cost £40 with your own bike and kit

Please note, anyone wishing to book the OSET training academy course with their own bike will need to be riding a bike from the OSET range. We cannot accept any petrol bikes, if you wish to book a course on your own bike that is a petrol bike, please see the Desert Rose Juniors academy.


AM Group Timings

→ Arrive at 8:30-9
→ Start riding at 9.30 and finish at 12
→ With a break in the middle and refreshments provided.

PM Group Timings

→ Arrive at 12:30-1
→ Start riding at 1.30 and finish at 4
→ With a break in the middle and refreshments provided.

Midday Session

Run before our Wednesday adults Enduro practice evenings, this course is perfect for anyone wanting their child to participate in a full training course and then stick around to see the Enduro practice session. Whether it’s to watch a friend or family ride, or just spectate, this midday to afternoon session is a great family day out.

Midday session timings
→ Arrive at 11-11:30
→ Start riding at 12 and finish at 2:30
→ With a break in the middle and refreshments provided.