OSET Electric bikes are the world leader in electric off road motorcycles for kids. They are well known around the world as the best beginner bikes for children to learn and improve their motorcycle skills and being electric they have no hot parts, require no petrol, produce no fumes and are virtually silent, meaning riders can use them every day in places other bikes cannot go.

It is important that any children participating in our courses must be able to ride a pedal bike without stabilisers.



The OSET MX-10 has been designed to re-define the starter MX and dirt bike market around the globe. One of the biggest hurdles young riders must overcome when riding a traditional petrol starter machine is the power delivery.

With most of the power at the top of the rev range, many kids are simply too scared to give it a handful. The MX-10 resolves that issue. The power, throttle response and top speed can all be easily altered to suit the rider.

For riders aged 4 – 7


The OSET 16.0 Racing is a dream machine for 5-7 year old’s and the bike of choice for competitive riding

 Helps riders to develop skills very early and gives them a head start before stepping up to bigger machines.

For riders aged 5 – 7







The new lithium powered 20.0 Racing MKII is a true innovation and the machine of choice for riders interested in maximum run time, reduced bike weight & ultimate performance and is often the bike that riders and parents choose to enter the world of trial competitions.

The power and response can be adjusted for any riding style, while the fully adjustable suspension

For riders aged 8+






The OSET MX-10 (adult version) has been adapted from our best selling MX-10 for all the big kids out there who want the thrills and excitement of one of the best electric dirt bikes on the market.

To cater for adult riders the MX-10 (adult version) has a stronger rear spring and 20″ bars meaning it can comfortably take riders up to 90.0 kg – This is a serious mini bike with a motocross soul!

Winner of the 2018 MiniBike Supercross Championship 88cc class

For Adult Riders


This is the ultimate versatile machine and appeals to a vast range of ages and riding interests. From youth and adult trials riders, mountain bikers, and parents following their youngsters to a pit bike, dirt bike and a back garden training machine.

This bike suits so many and offers the maximum entertainment value

For Adult Riders






We have a full range of riding kit from two of the leading brands in children’s protective wear, Acerbis and Wulfsport. The range includes the following;

Trials and full-face helmets
Trials boots
Body armour (chest, back and arms)
Knee guards

Anyone wishing to bring their own kit will need to have it examined by one of our staff on the day, if we deem the riding gear unsuitable, we have the right to ask you to rent the kit from us.