About The Academy

Desert Rose Adventure Riding Academy

The Desert Rose Adventure Academy was launched in 2009 to help anyone who wants to take a motorbike off the 5% of tarmac roads and onto the 95% of tracks that cover the world.

The Academy is there for any bikers who wants to travel overland, explore the unknown, join a tour or take part in a rally. So whether you're a born again biker, retired racer or complete novice The Academy can help you on your continuing journey.

OSET Juniors

We want to start a child’s pathway to dirt bike riding in a structured environment with the objective of starting them safe and keeping them safe, whilst they have a great time out in the fresh air!

From our vast experience coaching adults, from beginners to training to compete in world class overseas races, we have the expertise to adapt and make sure your child gets the very best training possible.

It is important that any children participating in our courses must be able to ride a pedal bike without stabilisers.